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Nothing gets us more excited here at the studio than seeing fans enjoy all the hard work we put into our games. And it’s fair to say that Youtube – quite literally – allows us to watch that passion in action.

From quick reviews to lengthy series, we love seeing all the creative and entertaining ways you play Motorsport Manager and share that passion with your communities.

That’s why we wanted to celebrate five fantastic YouTubers who have created literally hundreds of hours of video content for all of you to enjoy.


Aarava is one of the most watched racing youtubers around, playing the hottest racing games for his more than 200 thousand subscribers. So it was only natural that Motorsport Manager drew his interest.

In general, his videos are entertainingly lengthy – diving deeply into the detail, while also spiking each video with his trademark sarcasm to keep you all engaged.

And his Motorsport Manager PC series is one of – in our humble opinions – the best on his channel. Aarava said he had been “waiting for so so long” to play the game and that enthusiasm translated into over 400,000 video views of his first steps into the world of virtual motorsport management.


Quill claims to be one of the biggest strategy gamers on YouTube, and with over 500 thousand subscribers he might just be right. His channel features hundreds upon hundreds of let’s plays for all sorts of games ranging from Stellaris to Two Point Hospital.

So it was only natural that he was drawn eventually to the delights of Motorsport Manager. Quill delivered a nine part series, in which he only ever so slightly cheated to get ahead, and you can watch it in full above.


GameRiot has built a YouTube empire with his walkthroughs, let’s plays, funny moments and much more games content. He now boasts over 1.3 million subscribers, which is roughly the same number of people as the population of Estonia for you number fans out there.

And fortunately for fans of motorsport management, he turned his Baltic sized following towards a Motorsport Manager 3 gameplay walkthrough which turned form a single video into a seven part series.

Loki Doki

Loki Doki has built a serious online following as a result of his Football Manager coverage. And considering he established his audience through regular coverage of quite nerdy sports simulation, it probably isn’t too much of a surprise that he dived into the world of Motorsport Manager too.

In 2017, his 38,000 strong follower base was treated to an enormous series dedicated to the game. Spanning dozens of parts and clocking in at hours of game time, it’s a real treat for fans of the series looking for a high quality MM binge.


As plenty of you will be aware, Motorsport Manager added Endurance racing to the mix through a DLC pack on PC and through some extra games modes on mobile. And for those of you who love that style of racing, it turns out there is a Youtuber just for you.

Youtuber Britto has created (in a Loki Dokiesque manner) a monster of an MM series. Each of his endurance racing videos last – unsurprisingly – a heck of a long time, totalling a pretty impressive 25 hours worth of content. That’s enough content for you to watch the whole of Le Mans and still have an hour left over.

And speaking of real world racing, that’s what Britto is going onto next. His channel is fast becoming a home for his stories about entering the motor racing industry and we hope he achieves his dream in a similar way to petrol head, video game loving Outside Xboxer Mike Channell.

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Youtube’s Motorsport Managers: five channels worth tuning into2018-11-28Playsport Games

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